Portland Community University: Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

Complaints and feedback

You unhappy with your experience at PCC, there are several different ways to share feedback, raise concerns, and file complaints if you are.

Portland Community university (PCC) is dedicated to the academic success of its pupils and it is specialized in the development of learning, student retention, and also the growth of accountable individual and conduct that is social.

The Student developing Committee (a Standing Committee associated with academic Advisory Council) is responsible for the assortment of policy papers housed into the College’s scholar Rights and Responsibilities Handbook about this site.

Policy on Scholar Rights

Alternate structure

Pupils at PCC have actually the proper to freedoms that are various defenses, like the directly to: freedom from harassment and discrimination, freedom of phrase, defense against incorrect assessment or disclosure, development of pupil organizations, involvement in producing pupil policies and fund-raising activities, access their pupil documents, and access university facilities.

Directly to security from incorrect evaluation that is academic

Pupil scholastic performance will be assessed on an educational foundation (that might add attendance), in addition to capability to use skills, and never for a pupil’s viewpoints or conduct in issues unrelated to educational requirements. The program syllabus will include and articulate the assessment standards and grading requirements through which pupil performance is calculated for that course that is particular.

Each pupil is accountable for fulfilling standards of educational performance founded for every program when the pupil is enrolled.

Students may dispute their scholastic assessment underneath the level Appeal Procedure in the event that pupil believes that the assessment standards and grading requirements within the program syllabus are not accompanied by the teacher or were imposed within an arbitrary or capricious way. Any pupil whom believes they own been unfairly graded should make reference to the PCC level Appeal Procedure.

Pupils have actually the ability to simply simply take reasoned exception towards the information or views available in any span of research also to reserve judgment about things of viewpoint, while nevertheless being in charge of learning the information of any span of research by which they have been enrolled.

Straight to freedom from discrimination and harassment

PCC will not tolerate discrimination that is unlawful on battle, color, faith, utilization of indigenous language, nationwide origin, intercourse, marital status, height/weight ratio, impairment, veteran status, age, or sexual orientation in almost any area, task, or procedure of PCC. PCC complies with relevant federal, state, and neighborhood civil liberties legal guidelines prohibiting discrimination. Equal chance of work, admission, and involvement in PCC’s benefits and solutions will be extended to any or all individuals, and PCC shall market opportunity that is equal therapy through application for this policy along with other efforts of PCC created for that function.

Any individual who thinks they are discriminated against or harassed with a PCC employee, agent, or pupil is motivated to register a problem through the working Office of Affirmative Action and Equity (Downtown Center, area 300, 971-722-5840 or 971-722-5841) or regarding the Public Incident Report site.

Any one who thinks they own been discriminated against on the basis of impairment under area 504 for the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), including thinking they own perhaps not been given an acceptable accommodation or modification to that they are entitled, may talk about these issues by having a impairment solutions therapist, coordinator, or expert, or submit a problem beneath the Nondiscrimination and Non-harassment Policy.

View further home elevators resolving complaints by pupils with disabilities regarding appropriate rooms or treatment that is discriminatory.

Appropriate of access to, and protection from, improper disclosure of pupil documents

PCC complies with all relevant state and federal legislation, guidelines, and laws that use to student records. All information found in PCC’s documents this is certainly individually recognizable to your pupil are going to be held private rather than released except upon prior written permission for the topic pupil or under every other exclusion for the release of pupil documents without consent. Pupil information might be provided among PCC faculty and staff whenever PCC has determined that the school has the best academic curiosity about the information and knowledge.

View further info on PCC’s Privacy Policies.

Issues or complaints should be directed to scholar Records (971-722-7100; records@pcc.edu).

Counseling Documents

PCC counselors are forbidden because of the criteria of the occupation from disclosing any information provided with a pupil throughout a guidance session, unless the pupil releases the information and knowledge or other circumstances that are specific. These particular circumstances consist of problems for self or others, punishment of a small, elder, or other adult that is vulnerable health/medical crisis, or any other circumstances needed by Oregon legislation. Counselors will conform to all ethical and legal guidelines concerning confidentiality of counseling sessions.

Liberties concerning involvement in co-curricular tasks

Pupils could be expected to take part in formulating and policies which can be reviewing guidelines, also to show their views, both publicly and independently, on these policies and guidelines, along with issues of basic interest to your pupil human anatomy.

Student Groups and Arranging

Pupils have actually the ability to form pupil groups and companies underneath the conditions regarding the Associated Pupils of Portland Community university (“ASPCC”) constitution and campus bylaws, while the directly to perform activities that are fund-raising these clubs. All fund-raising tasks for ASPCC and pupil groups needs to be authorized by the Campus scholar Leadership Coordinator or designee.

Pupils and respected pupil groups and businesses have actually the ability to have admission to PCC facilities, susceptible to ordinary schedules, policies and regulations governing the application of each center. Recognized pupil groups and companies get access to facilities free of charge unless extra solutions (custodial, Public protection, chair and table set-up, etc.) are needed. PCC procedures for reserving areas in PCC’s structures for conferences, speakers, or demonstrations must certanly be followed.

Within the academic process, recognized student clubs and organizations may ask to your campus any one who, within their viewpoint, might play a role in the intellectual or social life of PCC. Individual pupils desperate to ask a presenter to campus should look for the sponsorship of an accepted organization or club. Speakers may talk easily on the subject of these selecting, provided that they don’t threaten to endanger the security of any member(s) regarding the PCC community, pose a danger to PCC’s real facilities, or considerably obstruct or disrupt PCC’s regular and important operations.

To demand space reservations, contact:

Orderly Demonstrations

Pupils have actually the best to conduct orderly demonstrations (including picketing, circulation of leaflets, and protests in peaceable construction) unless the individuals of these demonstrations threaten to endanger the security of every member(s) of this PCC community, pose a risk to PCC’s real facilities, or significantly impair or disrupt PCC’s regular and important operations, for which case PCC reserves the ability to close its facilities, clear its grounds, and cancel a demonstration. PCC suggests that those intending to conduct demonstrations outside of PCC structures check with the Dean of scholar developing or designee to determine area that accommodates the reasonable requirements of both PCC and people involved in functions of message or protest ( ag e.g., big available areas, with safe paths of ingress and egress, in accordance with less possibility of disrupting the academic environment).

People and teams who want to hold a demonstration within one of many College’s structures must adhere to campus policies and procedures for requesting room. Advance notice and approval is necessary for interior demonstrations to permit the faculty to help make appropriate and reasonable logistical asian mail order bride arrangements for the demonstration.

To demand space or room reservations within PCC structures, contact:

Circulation of Material

Pupils have actually the ability to distribute free magazines maybe perhaps not in breach of federal or state guidelines, and/or PCC policies and procedures, such as for example publications, publications, magazines, handbills, leaflets, and materials that are similar. Circulation of those materials in classrooms, hallways, libraries, workplaces, or any other PCC facilities used mainly for academic and instructional purposes must perhaps maybe not interfere utilizing the work or research of individuals in those PCC facilities.

Any people desiring to create or circulate magazines must adhere to campus policies and procedures. All handbills, leaflets, papers, posters, and comparable materials must keep the title and address associated with organization and/or person circulating the materials.

Information about submitting things for publishing may be located through Associated pupils of PCC.

Issues or complaints regarding rights Participation that is concerning in tasks can be directed to your Dean of scholar developing when it comes to campus or system. Complaints about the liberties established in this area should really be filed just as virtually feasible to enable PCC to investigate and make an effort to resolve the problem. A campus can be contacted by you to register a complaint.